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Pirate Treasure Table Cover - 1 Each or 6/Unit Party Direct

Pirate Treasure Table Covers - 1 Each or 6/Unit

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Item Description

Transform your party space into a treasure-filled pirate cove with Pirate Treasure Table Covers from Party Direct. These covers aren't just decorations; they're maps guiding your celebration through uncharted waters. Featuring dynamic designs that capture the essence of pirate life, these table covers immerse your guests in a buccaneer-inspired atmosphere.

The plastic construction ensures durability and protection for your table, while the generous dimensions make them suitable for various sizes, providing a seamless and visually striking setting for your guests. From the vibrant colors to the iconic pirate imagery, every detail transforms your party into a swashbuckling spectacle.

Whether it's a birthday celebration for a little matey or a gathering of seasoned sailors, Pirate Treasure Table Covers add a touch of maritime excitement to your table setting. The disposable design simplifies cleanup, allowing you to focus on creating moments of pirate joy and adventure. Choose Party Direct for table covers that turn your celebration into a nautical masterpiece, where every detail captures the thrill of a pirate's life on the high seas. Set sail for a treasure-filled celebration!

Item Details

  • Pirate Treasure Table Cover
  • Dimensions are 54" x 84"
  • 1 Table Cover/Pack
  • 6 Table Covers/Unit

Pirate Treasure Table Covers  Pirate Treasure Table Covers