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Camouflage Balloon Kit

Camouflage Balloon Kit

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Item Description

Gear up for a celebration that's on-trend and full of adventure with our Camo Balloon Kit! This versatile and stylish kit is perfect for adding a touch of rugged charm to your party decor, whether you're hosting a military-themed event, a hunting party, or celebrating a camouflage enthusiast. The centerpiece of the kit features a mix of camo-patterned balloons, creating a dynamic and eye-catching display that sets the tone for your theme. The camouflage design adds a sense of mystery and excitement to the atmosphere, making it ideal for birthdays, outdoor gatherings, or any occasion where a touch of adventure is desired. This balloon kit will arrive uninflated! 

Item Details

  • 2 - 18" Camo "Happy Birthday" Myler Balloons
  • Large Tank Birthday Balloon
  • 2 - 18" Star Black Mylar Balloons
  • 2 - 18" Star Lime Green Mylar Balloons
  • 2 - 18" Star Camo Mylar Balloons
  • Green Ribbon
  • Silver Balloon weight