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Disney Princess 9in Plates - 8 Plates/Pack or 96 Plates/Unit

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Elevate your celebration to a royal affair with the Disney Princess 9-inch Plates from Party Direct. These enchanting plates bring the magic of beloved princess tales to your party table. Each plate is adorned with captivating and detailed illustrations of iconic Disney Princesses, creating a magical ambiance that will thrill guests of all ages.

Crafted for both style and functionality, these plates are sturdy and spacious, perfect for serving a variety of delectable treats fit for royalty. Whether you're hosting a birthday party, a princess-themed gathering, or any special event, these plates add a touch of fairy-tale charm.

The 9-inch size provides ample space for serving generous portions, while the high-quality material ensures durability, making them a practical choice for any celebration. Transform your party into a regal affair with the Disney Princess 9-inch Plates, where every bite is accompanied by the grace and elegance of Disney's most beloved characters. Make your event truly magical by bringing the enchantment of Disney Princesses to the forefront with these charming and festive plates from Party Direct.

Item Details

  • Disney Princess 9" Plate
  • 8 Plates/Pack
  • 96 Plates/Unit 

disney princess plates   Disney Princess 9in Plates