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Fortnite 9in Plates - 8 Plates/Pack or 48 Plates/Case - Party Direct

Fortnite 9in Plates - 8 Plates/Pack or 48 Plates/Case

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Elevate your Fortnite-themed party with the Fortnite 9-inch Plates from Party Direct. Each plate is a battleground of excitement, featuring iconic Fortnite graphics that bring the virtual world to your celebration. The 9-inch size provides ample space for serving up a victory feast fit for champions, making every meal a thrilling experience.

Crafted with high-quality materials, these plates ensure durability and sturdiness throughout the gaming-inspired festivities. The vibrant and detailed designs capture the essence of Fortnite, immersing your guests in the action-packed universe. Whether it's a birthday bash or a gaming extravaganza, these plates add a dynamic touch to your table setting.

The convenience of disposable plates not only saves you time but also allows you to focus on creating memorable moments without the worry of cleanup. Fortnite enthusiasts of all ages will appreciate the attention to detail and authenticity these plates bring to the party.

Choose Party Direct for Fortnite 9-inch Plates that seamlessly combine functionality with the excitement of the gaming world. Level up your party experience and turn your event into an epic celebration with these plates that speak the language of victory and fun.

Item Details

  • Fortnite 9in Paper Plate
  • 8 Plates/Pack
  • 48 Plates/Case

fortnite 9in plates  Fortnite plates