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Fortnite Balloon Kit

Fortnite Balloon Kit

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Item Description

Introducing the Fortnite Balloon Kit – a thrilling addition to enhance your gaming experience in the popular battle royale world! This innovative kit allows players to strategically navigate the dynamic landscapes of Fortnite by deploying customizable balloons. Attach these high-flying balloons to your character and soar above the competition, gaining a tactical advantage in reaching vantage points or evading opponents. The Fortnite Balloon Kit includes a set of vibrant and animated balloons, each with its own unique design to showcase your style. Customize your balloon loadout to match your character's aesthetics or coordinate with your squad for a unified look. Whether you're looking to surprise adversaries from above, escape the storm, or simply enjoy a bird's-eye view of the ever-changing Fortnite island, the Balloon Kit adds a new dimension to your gameplay. Elevate your strategy, outmaneuver opponents, and dominate the skies with the Fortnite Balloon Kit – because victory awaits those who dare to rise above the competition! This balloon kit will arrive uninflated! 

                                 Item Details

  • 22" Fortnite "Victory Royale" Mylar Balloon
  • 35" Fortnite Llama Mylar Balloon
  • 27" Fortnite Battle Bus Mylar Balloon
  • 4 - 12" Blue Latex Balloons
  • 2 - 18" Round Yellow Mylar Balloon
  • Blue Ribbon
  • Gold Balloon Weight