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Gamer Birthday Party Kit

Gamer Birthday Party Kit

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Item Description

Level up your birthday celebration with our Gamer Birthday Party Kit for 16! Designed for gaming enthusiasts of all ages, this all-in-one party kit is set to transform your event into an epic gaming experience. The kit includes 9-inch Gamer dinner plates and 7-inch dessert plates featuring gaming-themed designs, creating the perfect setting for a gaming-themed dining experience. Accompany your snacks and treats with matching Gamer cups and coordinating luncheon napkins.

To set the stage for your gamer-themed celebration, the kit includes a Gamer tablecover, transforming your party space into a virtual gaming world. You'll also receive a complete set of cutlery with forks and spoons, ensuring a convenient and enjoyable dining experience. With the Gamer Birthday Party Kit, you'll host an action-packed and memorable celebration where your guests can feel like true gaming champions. Let the gaming adventures begin, and may the high score be with you!


Item Details: 8 Guests

8 – 9in Gamer dinner plates
8 – 7in Gamer dessert plates
8 – 9oz Gamer cups
16 – Gamer Luncheon Napkins
2 – Gamer Tablecovers
1 - Blue Tablecover
8 – Blue Forks
8 – Blue Spoons


Item Details: 16 Guests

16 – 9in Gamer dinner plates
16 – 7in Gamer dessert plates
16 – 9oz Gamer cups
32 – Gamer Luncheon Napkins
2 – Gamer Tablecovers
1 - Blue Tablecover
16 – Blue Forks
16 – Blue Spoons