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Minecraft Creeper Pull-String Piñata - 1/Pack or 4/Unit

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Item Description

Bring the explosive fun of Minecraft to your celebration with the Minecraft Creeper Pull-String Piñata from Party Direct. This piñata isn't just a party accessory; it's a pixelated masterpiece, featuring the iconic Creeper design that Minecraft fans adore. Crafted with vibrant colors and meticulous detail, this piñata adds an extra element of thrill to your gaming-inspired party.

The pull-string feature ensures safe and exciting gameplay for all ages. Participants can take turns pulling the strings, eagerly anticipating the moment when the hidden treasures are revealed. Fill it with treats, and let the Creeper adventure unfold as your guests enjoy the interactive and suspenseful experience.

Whether it's a birthday celebration for a little gamer or a gathering of Minecraft enthusiasts, the Minecraft Creeper Pull-String Piñata from Party Direct adds a touch of pixelated excitement to your party. The 3D design ensures that every angle showcases the magic of the Minecraft universe. Choose Party Direct for a piñata that turns your celebration into a virtual adventure, where every detail captures the essence of the Creeper and the thrill of the pixelated world. Let the block-building festivities begin!

Item Details

  • Don't let the Creepers spoil your day; Blast this "Minecraft Creeper" for a Party full of Fun!
  • 3D Pull-String Piñata
  • 21"H x 10"W x 7"D
  • 1pc/Pack or 4pcs/Unit


Minecraft Pull String Pinata  Minecraft Pull String Pinata