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Neon Skate 7in Economy Kit for 250

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Item Description

Dive into the neon-fueled world of roller disco with our Neon Skate 7in Economy Kit – the ultimate party package that brings the glow and excitement to your skating celebration! 

Designed for enthusiasts who love to skate under the neon lights, our economy kit includes everything you need to transform your space into a retro roller haven. With 250 pieces of plates, cups and napkins in each kit, you can effortlessly create a vibrant atmosphere filled with electrifying energy.

The Neon Skate 7in Economy Kit features eye-catching tableware radiating that signature neon glow. From plates and cups adorned funky roller skate designs to neon-colored streamers that light up the room, this kit ensures your roller disco party is nothing short of spectacular. Pair it with our neon brights for an extra glow effect!

Roll into a roller disco fantasy with ease and get ready to skate, groove, and glow at a party that will be remembered for years to come!

Item Details

  • Neon Skate Economy Kit for 250
  • Kit Contains 250 Each:
    • 7" Cake Plate
    • Luncheon Napkin
    • 9oz Cup

*Napkins temporarily out of stock, please check back later!*


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