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Oceans Of Fun Mega Fun Favor Bag Party Direct

Oceans Mega Fun Favor Bag - 50/Case

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Dive into a sea of excitement with Party Direct's Oceans of Fun Mega Favor Bag! This treasure trove is a gateway to underwater adventures, perfect for any aquatic-themed event. Bursting with vibrant marine stickers, mini sea creature figurines, beach-themed accessories, and more, it guarantees an ocean of smiles among your guests. From mermaid enthusiasts to aspiring marine biologists, the Oceans of Fun Mega Favor Bag offers something for everyone. Let imaginations swim freely as they embark on imaginary voyages, creating memories that shimmer like sunlight on water. Whether it's a pool party, beach bash, or ocean-inspired gathering, this goody bag adds a splash of delight and keeps the party tide rolling. Make waves of joy and transform your event into an underwater wonderland with the Oceans of Fun Mega Favor Bag!


Item Details

  • Pre-Filled with Oceans of Mega Fun
  • 50 Bags / Case
  • Contents May Vary
  • Only $1.60 Each