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Party Animals Table Cover - 12 Table covers/Case Party Direct

Party Animals Table Cover - 1 Each or 12 Table Covers/Case

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Item Description

 Transform your party space into a vibrant safari with the Party Animals Table Cover from Party Direct. This table cover isn't just a decoration; it's a journey into a wild and whimsical world of fun. Featuring dynamic designs with vibrant colors and charming animal characters, this table cover creates a visually stunning and cohesive theme for your party.

The plastic construction ensures durability and protection for your table, while the generous dimensions make it suitable for various sizes, providing a seamless and visually striking setting for your guests. From the playful animals to the lush foliage, every detail transforms your party into a vibrant celebration.

Whether it's a birthday bash for an animal enthusiast or a gathering of party enthusiasts, the Party Animals Table Cover from Party Direct adds a touch of wild excitement to your table setting. The disposable design simplifies cleanup, allowing you to focus on creating moments of jungle joy and adventure. Choose Party Direct for a table cover that turns your celebration into a vibrant safari, where every detail captures the spirit of partying with the animals. Let the wild festivities begin!

Item Details

  • Paper Table Cover
  • 54" x 102"
  • 1 Each
  • 12 Table covers/Case

Party Animals Table Cover  Party Animals Table Cover