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Mermaid 9in Plate - 1 Pack (8 Plates) or 1 Unit (96 Plates)  - Party Direct

Mermaid 9in Plates - 8 Plates/Pack or 96 Plates/Case

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Embark on an underwater adventure of whimsy with our Mermaid 9-inch Plates, available exclusively from Party Direct! Immerse your party in the enchanting allure of the ocean with these captivating plates, featuring stunning mermaid designs that bring a touch of magic to your table setting.

Crafted from high-quality, sturdy paper, these 9-inch plates are not just a feast for the eyes but also provide ample space for serving generous portions of your favorite party treats. The intricate detailing of graceful mermaids with flowing tails and iridescent scales adds an elegant and festive touch to any celebration.

Whether you're hosting a birthday bash, baby shower, or a themed gathering, these plates are the perfect choice to elevate your party decor. Their larger size makes them ideal for serving main courses or generous portions of desserts, ensuring that your guests are treated to both visual delight and culinary satisfaction.

Make a splash at your next celebration with our Mermaid 9-inch Plates, combining practical functionality with enchanting aesthetics. Order now from Party Direct and let the undersea magic unfold at your event!

Item Details

  • Mermaid 9in Plate
  • 8 Plates/Pack
  • 96 Plates/Unit

Mermaid 9in Plates  Mermaid 9in Plates